Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Getting the Vegetable Garden Ready'

My boots: Not trendy?

Adrian Higgins, “Gardening” columnist of the Washington Post, announces spring with a multi-page article “Getting the vegetable garden ready” in the Washington Post.

Sections of his feature include “Cleaning up,” “What to plant,” “How to sow,” “A border of herbs,” and “Add flowers.” Less experienced veggie gardeners will dig good information here, and more experienced diggers will find this a good refresher course.

The first illustration shows “essential gear,” including a pair of “wellies for making you look clever and trendy.” I smile at his humor and at the green wellies shown. Trendy wellies this year are hot pink, according to the cover of one mail-order catalog.

Alas, my boots are neither green nor pink. They’re black—and too hot for my comfort when temperatures soar much above 50° F. I suppose I’ll sleep poorly tonight because my brain will be worrying about whether I should trade in my black boots for green.

Note: In the Post print edition (Local Living Section, March 24), the title of this column was “It’s time to garden.”

To read “Getting the vegetable garden ready,” CLICK HERE.


  1. Do they sell camouflage boots?

  2. ...or should I have asked about "wellies" instead of "boots"?

  3. Yes, but I don't recommend them. With the camouflage, it's so hard to find them once you take them off.