Saturday, March 19, 2011

Deer Country 15: Summary with More Deer Photos

'Big Buck'
We’ve covered veggies, shrubs, trees, and perennial flowers in previous “Deer Country” postings. Now it’s time to summarize the broad principles that will help you garden successfully in places where deer abound.

'I love roses!'
1. Remember that deer don’t read “don’t eat” lists and in difficult times will eat just about anything: “Deer Country 2.”

2. Study deer-resistant lists anyway, and select plants you’d like to try. Ask your neighbors what works for them: “Deer Country 3.”

3. Be a persistent sprayer if you use deer-resistant sprays: “Deer Country 3.”

'Clover's sweet, dear, but wait until you taste hostas'
4. All things considered, often a deer-resistant fence is a realistic solution: “Deer Country 5 & 7.”

5. Plant resistant varieties. For shrubs: “Deer Country 8.” For trees: “Deer Country 9.” For annual flowers: “Deer Country 10.” For perennial flowers: “Deer Country 11, 12, 13, & 14.”

'First one to run loses the does'
6. Protect shrubs and young trees up to the “browse line,” which is about 5’: “Deer Country 6 & 7.”

 This completes “Deer Country” postings based on the Power Point program that I created and which fellow Master Gardener Donna W. and I present to gardeners in Howard County (Maryland) and nearby counties. From time to time, as new information becomes available, I’ll post a new “Deer Country Extra,” so please check back occasionally.

'Do I smell tulips?'
Remember that once you find a “Deer Country” posting, you can easily find all the others. Go to the end of any posting and find the line listing “Labels” for that posting. Click on “DeerCountry” and you’ll get a list of all “Deer Country” postings, beginning with the most recent. If you get to what seems to be the last posting but it’s not number one, look for a tab that says “Older Posts.”

You might be interested to know that the most-read “Deer Country” posting to date (March 20) is “Deer Country 6: Eating & Rubbing Shrubs & Trees,” with more than 120 page views. For all postings on AncientGardenerBlog, more than 95% of readers live in the United States, but they also come from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Russia and occasionally from Germany, India, Slovenia, Australia, China, and Ukraine, according to statistics that BlogSpot automatically records.

I hope you have learned information about deer and veggies, shrubs, trees, and flowers that will help you grow the gardens you’d like to have even though you live in Deer Country.

'The End'


  1. great photos! great series!

  2. Thanks, Susan. It was a lot of work, adapting the PPT program to this blog, but that resulted in more photos and more information. Now I need a new subject, maybe something like composting.