Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ceramic Pigs, Polyester Bees?

Yes, I have ceramic pigs—gifts of friends who think my pig collection should always expand. Some are banks, of course. Others are, well, just pigs. And, yes, I have big pigs, little pigs, plastic, iron, wooden, concrete, coal, and crystal pigs, bookends with pigs, candles in jars topped by pigs—and pigs on calendars, greeting cards, and post cards. I have hundreds of pigs.

And polyester bees? I don't have one.  I hadn’t heard about them until I read Patterson’s Clark “Urban Jungle” column, “Born inside a plastic bag,” in the Washington Post.

Seems the small bee secretes the biodegradable polyester to line her egg cells. Our landfills could benefit from biodegradable plastic, so scientists are trying to figure out how the bee makes its polyester.

Clark’s eleven paragraphs will make you an expert on polyester bees. To read his column, CLICK HERE.

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