Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Worn-Out Potholders?

“Let’s get rid of these old potholders,” Ellen said.

Yes, they needed to go. They were old, threadbare in places, several blackened from close encounters with glowing stove-top coils.

So there they were—five worn-out potholders—in the kitchen trash can when I emptied it before our weekly Friday trash pickup.

I had to smile. I remembered how Brian—or was it Lynn—or both of them—had woven them on a tiny frame from pre-packaged loops so many years ago. Was it 1970? 1972? I really cannot guess.

But as I turned them over, I just couldn’t bear the thought of them all resting in some landfill. They are “family.” They’ve served us well—actually my favorites for everyday use, which is probably why they’re so worn.

I examined all five, turning and inspecting them. I put the worst three back into the trash.

I folded the best two and put them back into the potholder drawer next to the stove, way in the back, under the newer potholders.

I just couldn’t throw them all away.


Happy memories.

Brian and Lynn.

Thank you, kids.

We love you.


  1. I have been down that road, Bob. And I still treasure those little worn-out potholders!
    Yes, happy memories! Vivian Ross

  2. Keep those potholders, Vivian! The two I rescued are safe in the back of the potholder drawer!