Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stink Bug Update

Not another stink bug!

On a cool day we catch two or three brown marmorated stink bugs inside our house. On a warm day we catch up to 10. We’ve caught hundreds over the winter, dropping them into jars of soapy water.

Quite frankly, we’re tired of them crawling here and there and everywhere. We’re tired of wiping their fecal stains from windows, walls, and floors. We’re tired of them sucking the goodness from our summertime tomatoes, raspberries, and blackberries.

Enough is enough! What can we do?

Here’s the latest update from the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Garden Center of the University of Maryland Extension. The four-page fact sheet contains sections on life cycle, feeding habits, protecting indoor plants, dealing with them inside, outdoor control options, and current research.

The fact sheet includes a chart of garden products that may repel or kill stink bugs, at least temporarily, and color photographs of the insect's eggs and first and third developmental stages (instars).

If the stink bugs have been bugging you in your house or in your garden, take five minutes to read this fact sheet. CLICK HERE.


  1. Thanks for the fact sheet. I don't want the stink bugs to destroy my garden again this year.

  2. I agree, Stink Bug. I hope the plant and insect scientists will come up with effective and reasonable solutions this year. Yes, I hope....

  3. how to get rid of these pest without using any chemicals? because I'm afraid of the effects on it when I ate my vegetable in the garden.

  4. Stink Bugs: See my posting of June 23, which has some suggestions, plus links to the Univ. of Maryland Extension's postings, which also contain no-spray suggestions.