Friday, December 31, 2010

This Screen Saver Bugs Me

I was sitting at my computer when the screen saver came on.  What?  Had I fallen asleep?  I haven’t ever done that.

Wait!  That’s not a screen saver.  I’m awake.  I’m typing.  That’s a live brown marmorated stink bug walking across my computer screen.

Did he like my draft blog so much that he flew down to read it at close range?

Resigned to catching yet another stink bug, I retrieved our soapy-water bottle, our Stink Bug Collector, from the kitchen and was about to introduce the stink bug to bubbly swimming when I had an idea.

Hummm.  Clear text from screen.  Type something topical—about stink bugs.  Grab camera and take photo.  Then introduce bug to suds.

What do you think?  Is the photo worthy of screen-saver status?

I don’t think so.  But it seems so appropriate as 2010 ends—what I call the Gardening Year of the Stink Bug.

What do you call it?


  1. Too funny! They've been all around our house lately!!!

  2. Yes, we're tired of stink bugs now too, but the good news is that they seem to be tapering off the last week. Maybe we've caught nearly all, or they've made their way outside, or ... they are waiting for us to let our guard down. I'm glad you liked the photo!