Saturday, December 4, 2010

Latest in Gardening Gadgets

As a kid, I never missed the “new inventions” page of my dad’s monthly copy of Popular Science magazine.  As an adult, I usually don’t take “new gadgets” quite so seriously.

But in his “Green Scene” column in the Washington Post, Joel M. Lerner picks out eight innovative and “green” garden implements that caught my attention.

The eight:  SnowWovel; DeWitt transplant trowel; OXO folding pruning saw; Fiskars 9-inch scissors; long-handle Cobra weeder/cultivator; The Gardener’s Hollow Leg; Leaf Loader; OXO kneeling pad; and HozeAround hose guides.

Some of the prices move Lerner’s choices from “gadget” to “minor investment” status, but, frankly, I had to smile when I read some of the descriptions and say, “Hey, that makes great sense” or “I’ll have check that out.”  All eight have websites listed.

Don’t have a snowblower?  Check out the “wonder of physics” SnowWovel!

Have tender knees?  Check out the OXO kneeling pad.  And to think you might get dual usage out of this one—in your rocky garden and on that threadbare prayer kneeler at church.

To check out Lerner’s list, CLICK HERE.

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