Friday, December 24, 2010

God Be with You!


  1. And so - what has your 'reflecting on life' produced, and what IS happening beyond Meadow Glenn? Why leave us in suspense?

    Thank you for your greetings; have a blessed Sabbath and Christmas day.


  2. How delightful to hear from you and Ellen. Your environment sounds fantastic. I am now in Molokai with Linda and family and staying busy, except while with them.

    My health is reasonably good, we just started building a church for our new 4 year old congregation and we are busy with our foundation and building a better life center in Nevesinje in Bosnia Herzegovina, where I have about 100 relatives.

    Blessings to you both. you are dear people. Or should I say :deer" people.


  3. Well, it sounds like retirement agrees with you. Lord willing, someday we will get there too. Wishing all the special joys of Christmas to you and to those you love.
    DeWitt & Karita

  4. Bob and Ellen,

    Always nice to hear from you both. Lisa, Aaron, Andrew and I send our warmest Christmas greetings to you.



  5. Hello, CIRE. I’ve wondered for five days about who you might be, since you posted an Anonymous Comment but signed off as CIRE. Last night, about 2:15, it dawned on me that perhaps we’ve met at your club, Club Sdrawkcab, not my Club Palindrome. If I’ve solve the mystery, give me an OK. If not, I guess I remain KO’d. BOB