Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So Cold You Want to Curl Up & Hibernate?

When December’s winter winds chill you to the bone as you scrape the morning frost off your windshield with one hand and hold your hat on with the other, have you thought how nice it might be just to curl up and sleep for a few months and then wake on a warm spring day?

In his “How and Why” column in the Washington Post, Ben Harder tells how animals hibernate and, quite frankly, I’m not sure I could survive such winter naps.

Bears, for example, often “hold it” all winter. What, no mid-hibernation potty break? No wonder they’re so grouchy in spring. You can use that vital information when someone you know wakes up “grouchy as a bear.” Direct the grouch to the bathroom.  Problem solved--hopefully

All things considered, I’ll take a pass on hibernation and just pull my blue Polartec blanket tight up under my chin as I sip a cup of hot tea in my recliner.

To link to Harder’s article, CLICK HERE.

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