Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FrugalGardener: Reasons to Buy a Cup o' Joe

The wind-swirled rain this morning encouraged the Ancient Gardener to stop at Casual Gourmet in Glenwood for a cup o’ joe after his exercise routine in the fitness room and his half-hour walk in the gym at the nearby community center.

The warming cup reminded the Ancient Gardener of four gardening reasons to buy this special treat.

Reason 1:  Use the cup next spring to start tomato or other seeds.

Reason 2:  Use the wooden stirrer as a row marker.

Reason 3:  Use the cardboard insulator to wrap around the stem of a tomato transplant to stymie cut worms.

Reason 4:  If you stop at a Starbucks, pick up a free 5-pound bag of coffee grounds to add as a soil supplement.  If the “Grounds for Your Garden” basket is empty, ask a barista how you can get a bag or two.

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