Friday, February 11, 2011

Tulips—from Holland or Virginia?

Anniversary tulips from Reagan & Mark

When you think “tulips,” you most likely think “Dutch.” Dutch growers raise 45 million tulip buds per year in—no, not Zeeland Province in the Netherlands—but at Fresh Tulips USA in Stevensburg, Virginia, just outside Culpeper.

Yes, the Dutch growers still raise about 1.5 billion tulips a year in Holland for the florist trade, but they now have eight-acres of greenhouses in Virginia to grow tulips for American flower lovers—in order to deliver fresher flowers and keep prices down by cutting out trans-Atlantic transportation expenses. Go green, go Dutch!

In his “Gardening” column in the Washington Post, Adrian Higgins details—with 10 photos—the precise timing and conditions it takes to grow a greenhouse tulip. The article, “From bulb to bouquet,” will help you appreciate the people and skills that result in the bunch of tulip buds you buy for your love on Valentine’s Day at your local supermarket or florist.

To read Adrian Higgins’ column, CLICK HERE.

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