Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Knot Holds Tight

Happy Anniversary, Ellen!

Pastor Bill Loveless must have tied our marital knot with all his might—it’s held 50 years.

They’ve been great years, as we moved about, experiencing life’s ups and downs, working here and there, and making life-long friends.

Along the way we added Brian and then Lynn and watched them mature, marry, and present us five grandchildren.

Blessed are we.

The future?

Let’s aim high—another 50 years!

The knot holds tight.

I love you.


I love you too.



  1. Okay, I'm tearing up, reading this tribute. How sweet and precious, your love is. How blessed you both are, and I'm thinking, fifty more years? Pooh, those two love birds haven't even begun to see the fulfillment of eons of years together, in eternal bliss. How awesome is that to think on?
    Happy Anniversary to you, Bob and Ellen!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Bob and Ellen!