Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deer Country: Deer Cull Controversy

Want a good discussion topic to upset your neighbors?  Tired of politics or religion?  Try the subject of culling neighborhood deer by shooting them.

Today’s Washington Post has an eye-grabbing photo of a stunning white-tail buck jumping a fence over this headline: “Residents divided over deer cull: The USDA plans to thin herd in bayside Maryland community,” by Avis Thomas-Lester.

Residents in Bay Ridge, Maryland, near Annapolis, are confronting “roving deer that devour vegetation and wreak havoc” in their local woods and their civic association’s decision to cull the herd, which is approximately twice the size the local forest can support.

You should read the article because it outlines the basic arguments the two sides of the “kill/don’t kill” controversy.

To read Thomas-Lester’s article, or just to sneak a peek at the fantastic photograph of the buck jumping the fence, CLICK HERE.


  1. We humans caused the problem, so we need to fix it or deer will end up eating our lunch. Right now, selective culling or wide range hunting is good for affected environments. So, my vote is for it.

  2. My guess should be that with that same thought then we should go and cull the housing and land development then as well since they destroy more land than any deer I've seen...

    So my vote is lets fix the problem -- stop culling the herds and give them the homes back...