Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sex and Consequences

That three-letter word caught your attention, didn’t it? What a powerful word, that little “and.”

Yes, of course, I jest.

The three-letter word that you should be interested in during this time of the year if you live in deer country is “rut,” the time when deer breed and are more apt to travel about and challenge the front bumper or side door of your car. For deer, “rut” means “sex,” so I really didn’t lead you very much astray with the headline, now did I?

The Washington Post on Tuesday published an Urban Jungle column with six short paragraphs under the headline “Rut and consequences.” If you live in deer country, you owe it to yourself to CLICK HERE to become your household’s authority on the subject. It’ll only take a minute.

The photo I’ve posted shows two bucks in our front yard near the beginning of the rutting season. The stance of the left bucks seems to send a message: “Ok, buster, this territory and those does are mine. Move on—or prepare for battle.”

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