Monday, November 29, 2010

Mulch-Mowing Leaves: How to Do It

You’ve cleaned up the house after your family Thanksgiving feast.  You’ve napped through Black Friday, when the clouds and sprinkles gave way to sunshine and colder weather.  The forecast says rain tomorrow.  It’s time to get serious about the job you’ve been putting off for weeks—disposing of those autumn leaves covering your yard.

In his “Garden” column in the Washington Post, Adrian Higgins details how the “garden honchos” at Winterthur, the duPont estate in Delaware, use mulching mowers to recycle leaves right into gardens and lawns, rather than raking or blowing and bagging.

Higgins even explains how the honchos take care of the leaves that fall in the shrubs and on hard surfaces, such as sidewalks—details often lacking in such articles.

To read Higgins’s article, CLICK HERE.

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