Friday, January 24, 2014

Gardening in January

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Temperature at dawn this morning was 7°F, and it topped out mid-afternoon at 19°.  Our landscape is crusted white with Tuesday’s six-inch snowfall.  It's time to inventory the left-over packets in my seed jar in the fridge, page through a stack of new seed catalogs, and dream about veggie and flower gardens 2014.  Yes, gardening begins in January.

Illustration courtesy of Seed Savers Exchange.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. Perfect day for seed sorting indoor work!

  2. Ah yes, even the blooming snowdrops are under a blanket of snow. I clipped a few before the last snowfall, but their blooms are fading in the vase. Time to sprinkle some seeds in a salad box and make spring seem a little closer.

  3. Your salad box must be inside--or you will have frozen salad after the next polar vortex whistles through and temperatures plunge to single digits again!

  4. Alas, my cheap lettuce greenhouse didn't function below about 15 degrees F. January 2014 near-zero temperatures would have left just greenish brown slush.