Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Deer Country: Collisions of Deer & Vehicles

Here’s your Deer Country quiz for today:

1.  According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), about how many collisions occur yearly in the Washington region between vehicles and deer?

2.  Nationally, how many humans died in deer collisions with vehicles in 2010, according to the III?

3.  What was the estimated cost of deer collisions with vehicles in 2009, according to the III?

4.  According to the American Automobile Association, about what percentage of human fatalities in deer collisions involved motorcycle riders?

The short answers:  1. 80,000.  2. 403.  3. $4.6 billion.  4. 70%.

For more detailed information, please CLICK HERE to read Ashley Halsey III’s “Deer collisions take a fatal toll …” in the Oct. 9 Washington Post (print edition).

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