Saturday, November 19, 2011

Washington Post Gardening Articles

Buried treasure?
Here are links to five recent Washington Post articles on a variety of gardening and related subjects—winter vegetables, trees with good fall colors, plants for dry shade, Osage orange tree, and snowbirds:

Barbara Damrosch, “A Cook’s Garden” columnist, on “What on earth? Winter’s buried treasure”—“earth vegetables,” as she calls them, that make good winter food and can be stored in the ground, in a root cellar, or even “a garbage can or large picnic cooler sunk into the ground.”  CLICK HERE.

Like a rainbow?
Adrian Higgins, “Gardening” columnist, on “Like a rainbow, so colorful and brief”—trees that have beautiful colors in the fall.  CLICK HERE.

Adrian Higgins on “Beating the beast of dry shade”—with suggestions about perennials to plant in dry shade, such as under the sprawling branches of your maple tree.  CLICK HERE.

Patterson Clark, “Urban Jungle” columnist, on “Rebound from the brink”—about the Osage orange tree, which your granddad may have planted as a hedgerow because it grows “horse high, bull strong and pig tight.”  CLICK HERE.

Patterson Clark on “For snowbirds, it’s ‘ladies first’—about dark-eyed juncos, which probably are exploring possibilities for a snack at your under your feeder as you read this.  CLICK HERE.

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