Sunday, October 30, 2011

Frosty Morning Beauty


October came in like a lamb and is going out like a polar bear.  Last week we were wondering when we’d get our first freeze.  This week we’re wondering if Saturday’s sleet and snow irreparably damaged our Halloween pumpkins.

We here at Meadow Glenn were on the southern and eastern edge of the white stuff.  We got just enough to frost our trees, shrubs, gardens, and lawns.  The Washington Post this morning said the unusual nor’easter brought bone-chilling rain, sleet, and, in western Maryland, up to nine inches of snow.  All three major airports in the Washington-Baltimore set records for low temperatures for their daily highs.

But today’s the day after, and the temperature here has approached 50°F.  The frosted lawn is bright green again.  Early this morning I went out and took photos of garden scenes.  I find frosted leaves to be fascinating portraits that exist only a few minutes before the warm rays of the rising sun kiss them goodbye forever.

Fountain grass (left) and boxwood
Lamb's ear


  1. Bob,

    You got some beautiful shots there. Looks like a little frosting on the cake. Glad you were able to get the photos before suzzy sunshine took part of the beauty away.

  2. Thanks, WVa J. If our garden was in WVa, perhaps the ice crystals would have been a bit larger--and the photos as great as yours on FB.