Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time for Multiplying by Dividing

Time to divide bearded iris
August is a good time for dividing irises and daylilies, Joel M. Lerner reminds us in his Green Scene column in the Washington Post. Lerner gives practical tips for dividing daylilies and bearded and Siberian irises.

Of course, when you divide your plants, you end up with extra new plants. Sharing them with other neighbors and friends is a great way to multiply your gardening friends.

If you’re concerned about when to divide plant varieties, the University of Maryland Master Gardener Handbook gives this rule of thumb: “In Maryland, divide spring and summer bloomers after they bloom, either in late summer or fall as the foliage dies down. Fall-blooming herbaceous perennials are usually divided in early spring, giving the plants and entire growing season to recover.” Many public libraries in Maryland have a copy of the Handbook in their Reserve sections.

Lerner also suggests adding some biennials to complement your irises and lists good candidates for both partial shade and sunny gardens. To read his column, CLICK HERE.

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