Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Endangered Species Saved

You may strongly support the Endangered Species Act, or give it two thumbs down. Remember the politically divisive spotted owl controversy years ago?

But put aside your argument and listen up to some good news.

In 1985, the known population of the Maguire daisy, a native mountain perennial in the West, was seven plants. Yes, that’s right—seven plants—and the daisy then was listed as an endangered species.

After 25 years of conservation effort the plant population is more than 162,000 plants, enough to take it off the endangered list.

Let’s give one cheer for the Endangered Species Act—one native perennial flower saved for future generations of humans who admire it and insects and other animals that interact with it in its mountain habitat.

To read the Washington Post’s news note about this success, CLICK HERE.

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